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Today in this world hacking has become a common crime. Hacking simply means theft of your data by someone else. There are various factors which are responsible for this. Knowing all the factors and taking precautions all the time sometimes become impossible especially when you are a professional and you have to access your email account from various locations. Hacked account is that situation when most of us get panic and don’t understand what to do next. It is a serious situation but there is no use of getting panic. Instead you have to understand the seriousness of the situation and take appropriate step for that. The best way to come out of this situation is to go for Hotmail hacked account recovery. The steps involved in recovery of hacked account are not much difficult to understand but if you still find that you are not able to follow those steps then you can contact us in Hotmail technical support. It is very important for you to know that our executives are present round the clock be it midday or midnight whenever you come to know that there is a chance that your account has been hacked then you should contact us so that they can support you with appropriate help.

Hotmail Hacked Account Recovery


  • When you find any suspicious activity in your account then you should have doubt that there is a chance that your account has been hacked. The type suspicious activity may be like you suddenly found that some of your emails are lost from your account, there is a possibility that the hacker is deleting the emails so you are not able to find them. In such situation the only thing that could be done is that you recheck your emails and if you are sure that this happening continuously then you should contact us in Hotmail customer care
  • As soon as you come to know that your account has been hacked then the best way that you have is Hotmail hacked account recovery which could be done very easily by changing the password. Once you change your password the hacker will lose access of your account. But many of you may have problem in changing the password. Don’t worry as our team has expertise in doing so.
  • Sometimes you may have Hotmail login problem. This can also be as your account has been hacked and before you can understand that your account has been hacked and you change the password the hacker has changed the password and you have lost access of your account. in such a situation our team helps you instantly with proper solutions.


  • Firstly, you have to make sure that you are entering correct and full email address while login in the account. Then you should ensure that you are entering the password in correct case otherwise it will continuously show incorrect and you may be wondering what is the problem. Even after that you find that you are still unable to login that means that your account has been hacked and the hacker has already changed the password. If you want any help in this respect, then you can take help from Hotmail customer service.
  • You can have Hotmail password recovery just following few steps when you find that your password is no longer working. In the login page itself you will find ‘forget your password’ link. If you click on that you will be taken to password recovery page there you have to enter all the information, then you will be able to generate a new password.
  • You should make sure when you access the account from any unknown location then you should always log out as you know that if you do not log out then there are maximum chances that your account will get hacked. By chance if your account is hacked then as soon as you realize that you should take steps for recovering it. Recovery of the account does not include big steps but you have to follow the steps properly. If you want an assistance for following the steps, then you can contact us by dialing Hotmail help support.
  • In case you find that your account has been blocked then the only way to prevent this problem is that you do not attempt multiple times to login when once or twice you have already tried and failed. When you have already realized that you have forgotten your password then it is simply useless to try to login again. For blocked account recovery you have to take help our Hotmail support team.

Hotmail hacked account recovery is not a tough issue if the steps involved in it are followed properly. Most importantly you should take proper precautions while accessing your account so that you can prevent it from getting hacked. You can also get help from Hotmail customer service and support team.