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As we all know that passwords are lifeline of any email account. When you have trouble login in your Hotmail account then in maximum cases it’s because of password. There are various problems which are associated with password. Hotmail password recovery becomes essential process otherwise with wrong or unmatched password you will not be able to access your Hotmail account. The process of recovering the password is simple indeed but at times it may become critical looking at the sensitivity of the situation. In that situation there is only one thing that can provide you relief that is taking help of a support company and what could be better than Hotmail technical support company. Once you seek help from our team we can assure that you will completely be satisfied by the way we solve this issue. You can have blind faith on our technicians as they always maintain the secrecy of the data while recovering your password.

Hotmail Password Recovery


  • If you have forgotten the password that you have recently changed then the only way out of this situation is to go for the recovery of the password. There are chances that you may have set a complicated password and now you have forgotten it when you are trying to login after few days. For recovering the password, you have to contact us in our Hotmail customer care
  • Many of you may face Hotmail login problem as you may have entered wrong password in the details of login. It happens when you find that you have received a notification which asks you to reset your password then you may change the password. Later while login you may remember the past passwords but you may have forgotten the current password. There is only one way to solve this issue that is by seeking help for Hotmail password recovery.
  • If suddenly you find some unusual activity in your account, then itself states that your account has been hacked. For solving the problem of Hotmail hacked account you should immediately reset your password. If you are late in understanding that your account has been hacked, then the hacker will reset the password and you will completely lose the access of your account. The only way out to resolve this issue is by going for Hotmail hacked account recovery by the help of our team.
  • If you are in the habit of maintaining more than one account, then it is obvious that you will have more than one username and multiple passwords. In such case there is always a possibility that you forget the password of one account or get it confused with other account passwords. If there is no way by which you can recover your password, then you can contact us in Hotmail help support Here our technicians will help you instantly.


These steps are only applicable only if you are logged in your respective account.  While you are logged in you will find a link in the account itself by which you will be able to change the password. You will be first asked to enter your current password then you will have to enter the new password and your process is complete. This details essential for recovering the password. Our Hotmail technical support team is always there to help you to understand the recovery steps. If you want the recovery through SMS, then you should first of all ensure that your phone number is added because you will receive password reset code through SMS. If your mobile number is connected to your account, then you can’t have Hotmail password recovery through this process. For that you can reset your password through a secondary email account. Here you have to make sure that you have a secondary email address specified for the email account then you have to click on forget password on log in page then type the full email address on the account support page then you need to click next. Suppose these steps are much difficult to interpret then don’t worry Hotmail customer service team is there to help you to interpret the steps and hence recover your password.

Hotmail password recovery is not at all tough task but yet very important. Each one of us who wants to access their account without any hindrance will always want to recover their password as fast as possible. And when such people seek help from our team we ensure that they achieve complete satisfaction. Our team consists of very talented executives who also have years of experience. Recovering the password is very easy task for them. While recovering the password they also ensure that complete secrecy of the data is maintained so that it is not misused by anyone in future.