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You can use Hotmail services to convey messages across the world. But while its usage if it is found that Hotmail not working then that situation is really challenging, and it is that time you will need expert help for finding out the actual cause of the problem. The most common problem is the login problem. Behind this issue there are various reasons but the most common one is that you might not have entered correct login credentials. Login details include your email address and your password and if you enter any of this wrongly then that is the actual problem. Whenever you find that there is any problem in the Hotmail account then you must take help of our team who could resolve all the causes as well as the issue itself.

Hotmail Not Working


The first thing that must be checked whenever you have login problem is that whether you are having proper internet connection or not. You should always make sure that browser that is used for login is not outdated.Another possible reason of the Hotmail not working is that the account might have been hacked. Once your account gets hacked the hacker can easily misuse the information available in your account and you will have to face this situation if you forget to log out after accessing it from any unknown location. You can come out of the situation of hacked account by resetting your password immediately when you come to know about the situation. Further you can take help of Hotmail support team for resolving it.

Password is as important as the username.So,you should always ensure that correct password is always entered while login in the account otherwise you will have to face Hotmail login problem. Sometimes you may also forget the password that you have recently changed in that situation you are left with only one option that is recovering the password.The password could be reset either through secondary email address or through your phone. But you must ensure that you have either of them linked to your account. The other way is that you can click on the link of ‘forget your password’ that is present under the space of username and password in the login page. If you still find that Hotmail not working, then you should take help of expert team who will help you.


There are various reasons that cause your account to get blocked. One reason among them is that you try multiple times to login and another reason is that you leave your account inactive for long period of time. Whenever you find that your account is blocked then there is nothing that you can do because Hotmail not working at all and in situation you can do nothing except taking help from a support company for its recovery.Other thing that you can do is that you should take care that for long time you don’t keep your account inactive.

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